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Creating The Pearl Girls

Pearl Blog

I want to articulate where I have been, why I have been gone.... my blog posts are lacking, my Facebook presence is nonexistent and you are probably wondering if I ever return a phone call or ema...

Meet India Rows

Pearl Blog

It all started with a pearl necklace that my Dad gave me when I was 8 years old. The Beginning Sure, some might say it all began when I started traveling is 2006, buying and selling pearls. Others...

Pearl Necklace Lengths

Pearl Blog

When it comes to pearls, have you ever heard of the collar, choker, princess, matinee or opera?  These are various terms to describe the length of pearl necklaces. They are a fun way to incorporat...

Where Do Our Pearls Come From?

Pearl Blog

China, Japan, Vietnam, and The Philippines... these are just a few of the international places that are the source of The Pearl Girls pearls. We love working with Chinese freshwater pearls so a ma...

Hand Made in the U.S.A.

Pearl Blog

One of the other things that make us wonderfully unique is that after we hand select our pearls, from all over the world, we create our jewelry pieces here in the U.S. We put a strong emphasis on ...

Slowing It Down... Southern Pearl Girls Style

Pearl Blog

Our world is getting faster. Everyone just seems so busy running here and there. Today, we are thinking about how nice it feels to slow things down.. to truly appreciate our time with each other a...

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