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The Rich Story of Pearls

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Spring has sprung in our little corner of Georgia. I am having a ball running around with my kids outside and I even got so optimistic that I have invested in a double jogging stroller. And, let m...

Hey Pearl Girls, Do You Eat Oysters?

Pearl Blog

Seriously, would you have reacted any differently? There I was at a remote pearl farm in Japan. First I was analyzing all of the aquatic species that attach to oysters during the pearl culturing p...

Irish Pearls

Pearl Blog

Pearl fishing  was once a widespread activity in Ireland. In fact, pearls have been found in rivers throughout the country, and they have been a feature of Ireland's past since the ancient Irish b...

Freshwater Pearls versus Saltwater Pearls

Pearl Blog

Freshwater Pearls versus Saltwater Pearls At The Pearl Girls we absolutely love freshwater pearls. Although we use some saltwater pearls in our pieces, we love freshwater because they are the clos...

Knotted on Natural Silk Cord

Pearl Blog

ll high quality pearls are knotted on silk cord. We choose to knot our pearls on natural silk cord which we import from Germany. Here is what our supplier has to say about silk. We think this best...

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