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Knotted on Natural Silk Cord

Pearl Blog

ll high quality pearls are knotted on silk cord. We choose to knot our pearls on natural silk cord which we import from Germany. Here is what our supplier has to say about silk. We think this best...

A Note on Pricing

Pearl Blog

It is the eve of the launch of this brand new website and I am nervous... the site looks great, the kinks are (almost) all worked out and I am thrilled to have a site I can more actively update wi...

Do Not Get Fooled By Shell Pearls

Pearl Blog

I was perusing the internet today, reading up on my favorite topic: pearls. Well, I came across an image of a beautiful pearl necklace very similar to our 10mm Classic Necklace and it was only $99...

Why is The Pearl Girls pricing so funny?

Pearl Blog

Ones, two, threes...sometimes you see jewelry end in a not very round number. We know, in fact, we have been told to round up our prices to a nice round 5 or 9 number. But, we just can't do that. ...

What Size Pearl Earrings Should I Buy?

Pearl Blog

The Pearl Girls sells a variety of pearl earring sizes. How do you know which size is best for you? Good question! Pearls are measure by their diameter and this is written in millimeters. We under...

Watch Your Little Pearl Girls (Our Disclaimer)

Pearl Blog

We are confident that you Pearl Girls operate with a lot of common sense. But, due to legal mishmash, we have to say some things. We carry pearls for babies and little girls. We think that this is...

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