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Be A Burton: A Valentine's Day Pearl Story

Pearl Blog

In honor of this year‘s Valentine’s Day, I want to cheekily encourage our guys to Be a Burton. Burton, you question? Yes! As in Richard Burton. In this Pearl Girl's eyes, he gifted one of the most...

Notes on Baroque

Pearl Blog

Fancy, lavish, excessive, extravagant, devilish… These are just a few words that Merriam-Webster offers as synonyms to the word baroque. On its most basically level, to call a pearl a baroque pear...

Mikimoto, Pearl Pants and The Ottoman Empire

Pearl Blog

This year, 2023, marks the 130th anniversary of the first cultured pearl. If you have been following The Pearl Girls for the past couple of decades, you have seen my posts about Mikimoto and the ad...

Quahog Pearls for Dinner

Pearl Blog

When I want to read up on pearls, I enjoy checking the news! I'm loving the article about the mysterious purple pearl find... and I love knowing the full story, even if the reporter doesn't! Y'all...

Two Princesses, A Queen and One Pearl Necklace

Pearl Blog

We are wrapped up in the fanfare of Queen Elizabeth's passing. And I am caught up, as usual, in the beautiful tradition of pearls. I believe in the longevity of pearls, in the endless life of pearl...

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