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Why Are Natural Pearls So Hard to Find?

Pearl Blog

Why are natural pearls so hard to find? It seems pretty sensible that there would be tons of natural pearls produced each year. Right? If pearls are formed by an irritant, bacteria or other organi...

The Wonderful Color of Black Pearls

Pearl Blog

The wonderful color of black pearls... where does this color come from? Black pearls come from a Black Lipped Oyster (Pinctada Margaritifera) . Since their shell is black, these oysters can produc...

Three pearls in Eighteen Months!

Pearl Blog

"Three pearls in eighteen months? Three pearls in eighteen months!" I questioned, then exclaimed. In eighteen months, our pearl diver discovered exactly three pearls. I did not mean it as a point...

Why You Will Not Find A Pearl At Dinner

Pearl Blog

There is a pretty good reason why you will not find a pearl at dinner tonight. That’s right, eat all of the oysters you can and you will not find a pearl. Why not? Oysters produce pearls, right? A...

Our Pearl Travels

Pearl Blog

Many people ask me how The Pearl Girls and our pearl travels began. It began, quite simply with a journey. A journey through Asia in 2006, to be exact, when my husband and I were waiting on his gr...

Are Natural Pearls More Expensive Than Cultured Pearls

Pearl Blog

Are natural pearls more expensive than cultured pearls? The answer is yes. Natural pearls are considerably more expensive than cultured pearls. One might argue that the reason we have cultured pea...

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