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Three pearls in Eighteen Months!

Pearl Blog

"Three pearls in eighteen months? Three pearls in eighteen months!" I questioned, then exclaimed. In eighteen months, our pearl diver discovered exactly three pearls. I did not mean it as a point...

Why You Will Not Find A Pearl At Dinner

Pearl Blog

There is a pretty good reason why you will not find a pearl at dinner tonight. That’s right, eat all of the oysters you can and you will not find a pearl. Why not? Oysters produce pearls, right? A...

Our Pearl Travels

Pearl Blog

Many people ask me how The Pearl Girls and our pearl travels began. It began, quite simply with a journey. A journey through Asia in 2006, to be exact, when my husband and I were waiting on his gr...

Are Natural Pearls More Expensive Than Cultured Pearls

Pearl Blog

Are natural pearls more expensive than cultured pearls? The answer is yes. Natural pearls are considerably more expensive than cultured pearls. One might argue that the reason we have cultured pea...

Mixing and Matching Pearls

Pearl Blog

Mixing and matching pearls..feel free to just do it! Do you have an amazing pair of large studs and a dainty necklace? Wear them together. What about tiny earrings and a bold necklace? Contemporar...

Where Do American Pearls Come From?

Pearl Blog

 American pearls come from a variety of places all over the U.S., especially the ocean waters off the east, west and Gulf coasts and the freshwater rivers throughout the country. There have been p...

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