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Two Princesses, A Queen and One Pearl Necklace

Tue, Sep 20, 2022 | Pearl Blog

We are wrapped up in the fanfare of Queen Elizabeth's passing. And I am caught up, as usual, in the beautiful tradition of pearls. I believe in the longevity of pearls, in the endless life of pearls and in the passing of pearls from one generation to the next. So, I revel in the images of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, at Her Majesty's events, wearing the Queen's pearls. 

The Queen gifted Kate with her signature triple strand necklace.

In my last post, Queen Elizabeth's Three Strand Pearl Necklace, I wondered if, through wearing the Queen's gems, "Is she establishing herself as a rightful member of the Royal Family? A queen-to-be. Is she honoring her late Grandmother-in-Law? Is she simply enjoying the memories of this iconic woman? No doubt, a connection is made through pearls. And, possibly, she is connecting to the Queen and to all of those that came before her."

Kate Middleton in 4 strand choker pearl necklace

But, Kate Middleton has not only been wearing the Queen's triple strand pearl necklace. She also wore this gorgeous, four-strand choker style pearl necklace to the Queen's funeral. The Queen first loaned this necklace to Kate in 2017 and again in 2021, for the funeral of Prince Philip.

These are akoya pearls, gifted to Queen Elizabeth by the Japanese government. The necklace is finished with a gorgeous diamond clasp, which is meant to be worn at the front of the neckline. 

Queen in 4 strand choker pearl necklace


And the Queen also shared this necklace with Princess Diana in 1982.

Diana wears four strand choker necklace

Two Princesses, A Queen and One Pearl Necklace!




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