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Ever Heard of Brailing?

Pearl Blog

Brailing is a form of early commercial pearl and mussel harvesting (in the 1930s, 40s and 50s).   When brailing, you extend hooks across a bar and pull the bar through the river. The mussels close...

Mussel Camp

Pearl Blog

Imagine.. in the mid-1950s there were probably 300 working mussel boats on the Tennessee River. These boats collected mussels to use in the button or pearl industries. So, what do brailers, divers...

Pearl of A Queen

Pearl Blog

The Pearl of A Queen is the pearl that launched America's passion for natural, American pearls. It all started in 1857 when David Howell, a shoemaker from Paterson, New Jersey went fishing for mus...

Pink Pearls

Pearl Blog

How do you get those cute pink pearls? I just love offering pink cultured pearls. They are a gorgeous alternative to traditional white pearls and the pink coloring is surprisingly subtle on all sk...

How Did You Get That Cultured Pearl Color?

Pearl Blog

Pearls are cultured everyday. It is a very organic process which can be difficult to control and yet certain aspects can be manipulated. For example, pearl color. Some pearl colors are considered ...

The Truth About Chocolate Pearls

Pearl Blog

The truth about chocolate pearls is that they are very expensive. To get a natural color chocolate pearl is very rare which means that those chocolate pearls you see everywhere have a manufactured...

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