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How Did You Get That Cultured Pearl Color?

Pearl Blog

Pearls are cultured everyday. It is a very organic process which can be difficult to control and yet certain aspects can be manipulated. For example, pearl color. Some pearl colors are considered ...

The Truth About Chocolate Pearls

Pearl Blog

The truth about chocolate pearls is that they are very expensive. To get a natural color chocolate pearl is very rare which means that those chocolate pearls you see everywhere have a manufactured...

The Origins of Add A Pearl Tradition

Pearl Blog

Have you heard about the Add A Pearl tradition? When I first started selling pearls in 2006, I had many customers who had Add A Pearl necklaces that were never finished. At the time I was not fami...

High Pearl Girl

Pearl Blog

I LOVE the fact that the High Museum of Art is calling their exhibit of The Girl with The Pearl Earring the High Pearl Girl. When I first started The Pearl Girls and googled "The Pearl Girls", The...

Large Pearls, Large Pearl Sac

Pearl Blog

Large pearls are being cultured in the freshwater cultured pearl farms in China and it is with good reason. Large pearls are dominating the market. People want bold, bigger pearls. There was a tim...

Big Freshwater Pearls

Pearl Blog

Bigger is better especially in the newest wave of freshwater pearls coming out of China. Are you interested in big freshwater pearls? Many of you have been asking about the rapidly increasing pric...

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