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Japanese Cultured Pearls after WWII

Pearl Blog

See part 1 of our post here: Grandmother's Graduated Pearls Can't get enough of those Japanese cultured pearls! Despite the fact that the cultured pearl trade was severely damaged by World War II,...

Why does your grandmother have graduated pearls?

Pearl Blog

Why does your grandmother have graduated pearls? Graduated pearls were very in style in the 1940s and 1950s in the U.S. Ever wonder why? I used to sell graduated pearls because they are not very e...

Organic Gems

Pearl Blog

While chatting with the wonderful Barbara Mann last week, I learned a bit about organic gems. Barbara is a well known metal and jewelry artists in Athens, GA and we were discussing organic gems. I...

The Danger of Pearl Diving

Pearl Blog

There is a danger of pearl diving in the Tennessee River. Truthfully, all types of pearl diving can lead to accidents, panic situations, decompression issues and more. There have been many deaths ...

What Is A Keshi Pearl?

Pearl Blog

I know many of you might be wondering... What is a keshi pearl? I am so excited to share more about these uniquely amazing pearls with you! But, first, here is a look at a couple of The Pearl Girl...

Mabe Pearls

Pearl Blog

I woke up this morning to the following message about Mabe Pearls: “India, what do you think of this pearl ring ?It is called a mobe’ pearl, pear shaped.  Do you know what mobe’ means? It has .64...

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