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Pearls are made of Dew! (really?)

Pearl Blog

This was a bit of history that I think is fascinating... In the first century, a naturalist named Pliny came up with a theory. Now, Pliny was smart; He was a naturalist, philosopher and author in ...

Why Are My Pearls Tight?

Pearl Blog

Why are your pearls tight? We have had many wonderful comments on our Classic Pearl Necklace. Thank you! The pearls wholesale  are so lovely with a high luster and clean surface quality… we love t...

People Want to Know..What Makes Pearls Valuable?

Pearl Blog

What makes pearls valuable? In 2011, I was invited by InStore Magazine to write an article on what makes one pearl necklace $10 while another is $10,000. It was such an honor to take on this artic...

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