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Freshwater Pearl Jewelry

Tue, Mar 26, 2013 | Pearl Blog

This week I saw yet another post stating the difference between freshwater pearls and cultured pearls. Here is the issue, some people are not knowledgeable about the beauty of freshwater pearl jewelry. Which is why I want to show you this bit of freshwater pearl "eye candy"...

Gorgeous, right? Yes, these are some beauties from my trip two weeks ago. They are beautiful, round, shiny, blemish-free freshwater cultured pearls! They took years to form in fresh water pearl farms in China and their beauty and value is simply undebatable. Now, there are plenty of less than desirable freshwater pearls out there. Take for instance these...

colored pearls


Guess what? There is a reason these pearls were dyed these crazy colors! These pearls were not originally gorgeous pearls that someone chose to dye for the heck of it. These are low quality freshwater pearls dyed to hide their imperfections! Turquoise, red, yellow, green... fun colors, right?! These are not top quality freshwater pearls. Ironically enough, we at The Pearl Girls offer freshwater pearls colored black but we choose the pearls first and then have them colored, not the other way around! But, the industry standard is to dye freshwater pearls to either hide the imperfections or to market otherwise unmarketable pearls.

My point is, you can get high quality freshwater cultured pearl jewelry and you can get low quality freshwater cultured peal jewelry. The same holds for saltwater cultured pearl jewelry too. There are differences in quality but there is no blank check when it comes to pearl quality!

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