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Mon, Sep 12, 2022 | Pearl Blog

Pearl sizes can be confusing. So, I am here to explain different sizes to you so you can choose the very best pearl size for your earrings or necklace!!

How big?

In cultured pearls, pearl size is written as the diameter of the pearl. So, if you drew a line through the inside of the pearl, the length from one side of the pearl to the other side of the pearl is the size!

How are you with the metric system? This size if always written in millimeters!! So, this diameter can be written as 1mm (now that is small!) and on up from there. As a reference, a dime is almost 18mm in diameter!

Here is a dime with a necklace of 7mm pearls.

The Size of pearls 7mm pearls and an 18mm dime

At The Pearl Girls, we have created our own pearl size chart using Small, Medium and Large and XL pearls in hopes of making things easier.


We consider Small pearls the 5mm size. We use these for our Little Girl jewelry although this size is great for women who prefer petite jewelry.

Medium is what we call the 7-8mm size. This is, by far, the most popular size. We call it the walk-through-life pearl. Most women receive 7-8mm size pearls in their very first pearl necklace. It also is a great size for easy to wear, everyday stud earrings. Check out The Pearl Girls stud earrings for sale HERE! or go for a gorgeous strand of these pearls!

When women want to go bigger, the 10mm pearl is perfect! We call these Large Pearls. They are alot more noticeable than the everyday ease of the 7-8mm pearl. The funny thing about size is, as the pearl gets bigger, so does the price! See the price jump on Large Strands HERE!


And, finally, who wants to put their phone to their ear, anyway? If you love bluetooth or speaker... the  XL Stud earrings might be for you!! We also have a BIG NECKLACE, too. The point is, XL is a statement!

Another great size, not seen here in our pearl size chart are our  Extra Small Pearls which measure 2-3mm in diameter.. These are a perfect size for babies and could absolutely melt your heart in our Baby Bracelet!

Have you seen our Baby Bracelet? Well, let's just say, babies in pearl melt my heart!! Like my sweet niece...

Baby pearls

So, quick review... Our Small Pearls are 5mm and perfect for little girls, petite women and women who prefer subtle, understated jewelry. All of our Little Girl Pearls feature these Small Pearls.

The Pearl Girls Medium Pearls are what we consider to be the classic size of pearls. This 7mm size is the size every woman needs to own and makes for a great look in earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Our Large Pearls are for the woman who wants to step it up. Bigger is bolder but not overly showy in our gorgeous Large (10mm) Pearls. These make for a high end necklace (they do take up to 5 years to form!) and the studs are many women’s stunning go-to piece!

Or go totally Flintstone with some amazing Extra Large Pearls.

How Long?

Now... if you want to buy a necklace, you now know the pearl size. But, what about the length of your necklace? Head on over to my post on What Length Pearl Necklace Should I Buy?  to get the low-down on necklace length!

And... don't forget to comment or share and tell me what you think?

Thanks, Pearl Girl!



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