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Tue, Sep 13, 2022 | Pearl Blog

It is a question I hear all the time, what length pearl necklace should I buy?

Pearl Necklace Lengths

Let's start by looking at a classic, 18" necklace on a variety of women in The Pearl Girls staff! This is our Classic Cultured Pearl Necklace featuring Medium, 7mm, pearls.

Same necklace on different women! The 18" length is a great, standard length. 

Standard Pearl Necklace Lengths

Some women prefer a little longer and some women prefer a little shorter. Since we are a custom pearl jewelry company, I love that we can create you perfect length necklace! However, there are standard lengths that you will find in the marketplace!

What length is perfect for you? 

Having owned a pearl jewelry business since 2006, I have put alot of pearl necklaces around alot of women's necks. Here is what I tell people who come to The Pearl Girls store: 

16" is considered a choker length, it will land somewhere close to or on your collarbone.

18", as I mentioned, is the classic and most popular length. It fits a variety of neck sizes.

20" is the perfect size for women who do not like the feeling of a necklace being too close to their neck. It is a great in-between length... not too short but not too long! It is what I call a comfortable length.

I used to carry 22" lengths regularly but they are probably the least popular pearl necklace length. Now I carry 24" which can be easily worn with most necklines.

When you think about 24"... think about 25". A 25" necklace is the gold standard for being able to go over one's head without opening a clasp. Obviously, this depends on your head size. A 24" pearl necklace is the length that *almost*.. and in some cases might, go over one's head.

Do you want to see The Pearl Girls Classic Pearl Necklaces in all of these lengths? CLICK HERE!

My t-shirt analogy

When men call or come by to buy necklaces for their loved ones, they really don’t have a clue! And let me tell you, body size does not determine neck size! Or, pearl necklace length preference!

Some petite women have large necks and some larger women have small necks. Plus, we have a variety or preferences!! My preference is layering...


So, after much brainstorming I have came up with the Pearl Necklace Sizing Chart based on crew neck sizes.

I figure, at one time or another, we have all thrown on a crew neck t-shirt! So, here I have devised a way to determine your necklace length based on your crew neck t-shirt size. This will take into consideration your comfort level with that crew neck collar. For example, even if you wear an XS/S, if the neck size bothers you, you may want to get a longer necklace. The TYPICAL length for crew neck t-shirts are as follows:

Extra Small/Small crew neck t-shirts have a neck size of 14 inches. If you wear an XS or S crew neck, we suggest you choose a necklace around 16 inches.

Medium crew neck shirts have a 15 inches neck. So, if you are comfortable in a Medium crew neck, choose a necklace 16 inches – 18 inches necklace.

Large crew neck shirts have a 16 inch collar. If you are comfortable in a large crew neck, we recommend a necklace 18 inches – 20 inches

Extra Large crew necks typically have a 17 inch inch collar meaning women comfortable in XL crew necks should choose a necklace 18 inches – 20 inches

And finally, Double XL (XXL) crew necks are 18 inches. With these we suggest a 20 inch – 22 inch necklace

So, what size t-shirt do you wear and, more importantly, how do you like the feel of the collar?

One More Thought

My last thought on pearl necklace length is, what style of clothes do you wear? We all prefer different necklines. For example, if you wear v-necks alot, you may not choose a 24" necklace since it may fall under your v-neck. Yes, those pearls will pop on a crew neck or turtleneck.

So, think about what you might wear your pearls with to help you choose your length.

A Note to the Men

I love when men come to The Pearl Girls to treat their wife or girlfriend to a pearl necklace! To all of the men shopping at The Pearl Girls... you cannot ever go wrong purchasing a beautiful pearl necklace for your special woman! So, I know you love treating her to exactly what she wants but, rest assured, all of our jewelry is returnable or exchangeable!

So, if you choose the wrong length, she can exchange the necklace to fit her preference! Easy Peasy!

Do you have any thoughts on pearl necklace lengths? Tell me in the comments below! And click here to check out my blog post on pearl sizes, too!

Thanks Pearl Girls and Pearl Guys!




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