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Classic, beautiful, essential, versatile... what is not to love about classic pearl stud earrings? Everyone needs to own a pair of these amazing earrings!!

Now available in Round or Button pearls. (Button pearls are flat on the back) See the full explanation here:

Choose which size you prefer and your metal, too!

Cultured pearl studs... Always a classic!

Here, Abby is wearing the 7mm Round studs.

And here she is wearing 7mm button studs!


Pearl Girls Favorite

Our Pearl Stud Earrings are made with real white cultured pearls in a button style. This means, they look great on your ears without looking like they are falling off! We believe these pearl stud earrings are a must-have! Made here in USA -  Athens, GA -  our classic white pearl stud earrings are made with cultured pearls we collect from our travels through Hong Kong and China. We like hand selecting our pearls so we can ensure that we are offering you the best. and with our Lifetime Guarantee, you are sure to enjoy these forever!

Southern Living Says

"We're all for big baubles, but it's hard to beat a simple pair of pearl stud earrings. Why? Quite frankly, we can wear them for days at a time without having to worry if they go with our getup. Not to mention, they add polish to updos from formal chignons to casual ponytails," says Fashion Editor Caroline McKenzie, Southern Living Magazine of The Pearl Girls jewelry. She also goes on to say of these pearls, "Every Southern woman needs to own." But we do not discriminate, we think The Pearl Girls jewelry is for everyone, Southern or not!

Size Options:

Available in 4 different sizes... Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. In millimeters, these sizes translate to  Small - 5mm, Medium - 7/8mm, Large - 10mm and Extra Large - 12mm. We can mount these on nickel free Sterling Silver, 14K yellow gold or 14K white gold. And now in Sterling Silver Clip-On Earrings!

Lost an Earring? Buy 1!

Also, if you have lost a stud earring, we are happy to sell you 1 earring (50% off the price of a set)! Because, what a bummer to buy a whole new pair! We love it if you can mail in your single earring and we can match it perfectly to your existing earring. If that is not possible, we will just mail you one earring.

Other Pearl Girl Options

We encourage you to do what feels right when it comes to matching the sizes of your pearls. Some women prefer to match the Classic Pearl Necklace to the same size Classic Stud Earrings while others prefer the Signature Necklace paired with smaller earrings. The choice is yours.

Aesthetically, anything goes with pearls! All of our pearls match each other in tone and color so you can easily pair the different earrings and necklaces and everything will match perfectly!

Thanks for supporting The Pearl Girls and sharing in our passion for pearls!



Southern Living picks for pearl pieces every southern woman should have in her jewelry box.



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