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Pearl Jewelry Appraisals

Mon, Aug 22, 2022 | Pearl Blog

Many of you know, The Pearl Girls ® is not a jewelry appraisal company. We create fine pearl jewelry, we love new jewelry designs and we reknot and restring your pearls. But many of you want Pearl Jewelry Appraisals!! How much are those pearls worth?

I am always happy to discuss pearl stories, origins or other fun facts about pearls but I will never tell you what I think they are “worth." This is intentional, right? Because, really and truly, how do you capture the true worth of a pearl?

What is Worth?

How much are the pearls your grandfather bought in Japan many years ago to bring home to his bride after WWII? What is the worth of the pearls your Mom wore everyday and lovingly passed on to you? Tell me the value of those pearls you wore on your wedding day. I know mine were priceless...

Pearls are more than just a commodity, they are living, breathing symbols of some of the greatest moments in our lives. They the gifts men give to women, parents to their daughter. They are our aunts, sisters, grandmothers and grandchildren. They are symbols of the women we love and who loved us.

But, many of you still wonder... how much are these pearls worth. Right?

Appraisal Value

Well, let's talk about Pearl Jewelry Appraisals. An appraisal does not reflect the value of your pearls. Now, do not be shocked, the same is true for diamonds and other fine jewelry. You may see an appraisal for twice the amount you paid for a diamond. Appraisals are made for insurance purposes only.

I remember when I bought my first house, the insurance company wanted to insure it for almost twice what I had paid for it. Their explanation was the replacement costs. I had hardwood floors, and they said these would cost more to replace. Well, what happens when the value is higher for insurance purposes? The premium is higher, too! So, although it suddenly seemed like I was living in an almost half a million dollar house (woo hoo!), I also had to pay the price for such a high assessed value.

The same is true for jewelry assessments. If you are looking to insure your jewelry, it bodes well for the insurance company to have a higher appraised value because they get to charge you a higher premium. In fact, most insurance companies require an appraisal and not just a receipt for what you paid for it. I remember when I first got started in the pearl business I had customers take the pearls they bought from me and I have them appraised. They always came back at appraised 2-3 times what they paid for them. It made me fell good, for sure!

Replacement Costs

Truthfully, how much would it cost to replace your pearls? That is essentially what an appraisal and subsequent insurance is all about... how much would it cost to replace those gorgeous pearls your grandfather bought in Japan 75 years ago? Who knows!? (As a pearl enthusiast.. I am still calling them priceless!)

I had someone reach out to ask about her grandmother’s pearls that were appraised in 1996 for $980. Will she get $980 for those pearls? Probably not. Selling anything is about creating the value for the person purchasing the pearls. Will her grandmother’s pearls be “worth” $980 to someone else?

A pearl jewelry appraisal will not tell you how much you will be able to sell the pearls for. It simply aims to tell you how it would cost to replace your pearls. And even that figure can be off, given there is certain a market value for pearls that will fluctuate. They are a commodity, after all.

Now, as for where to sell your pearls… I wish I could help you there! I have seen pearls for all different prices for sale on ebay. You might want to pop into your local jewelry store and ask if they buy pearls. Some pawn stores buy pearls!

Create More Worth in Your Pearls

I think the most important thing is instead of fearing you will not get what the pearls are worth, which I dare say might be true, find a way to create more worth in your pearls.

Here at The Pearl Girls, we can take your strand apart and create new designs.

We can take your grandmother’s necklace apart and make bracelets for the granddaughters. We can make earrings, we can create a more modern necklace design. I am not trying to sell The Pearl Girls ® Repair and Reknots (or am I?) but I do want you to see that you can create value in the pearls you have even in you are not going to wear them as they are right now. 

Just Say No

Know when it comes to Pearl Jewelry Appraisals, you most likely will not be able to sell your pearls for the appraised value. Also know The Pearl Girls are not able to provide a Pearl Jewelry Appraisal for you. We are working on bringing an appraiser in, though! However, remember there are other ways to create value in your pearls! How? Pass them on to someone who will find value in them.

Your Turn!

Have you ever had your pearls appraised? Tell me more in our comments below!

If you are ready for The Pearl Girls to reknot, repair or reinvent your pearls and beaded jewelry, LEARN MORE HERE! If you prefer, feel free call or email us!



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