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The Pearl Girls create all of our jewelry and designs at our shop in Athens, GA. We also have a huge reknot and repair department. People all over the world ship us their pearls and beaded jewelry to reknot, repair or create into a new design. Along with our passion for pearls, we are passionate about creating jobs right here in our home base in Athens, GA. We provide many perks to our staff including childcare for our hardworking mothers! Thank you for supporting us so we can continue supporting others. And thanks for sharing in our passion!

A Broken Honora Pearl Ankle Bracelet

Sun, Oct 15, 2017 | Pearl Blog

Suzi Q bracelet on an ankle - The Pearl Girls

We heard from another customer wanting to understand our pricing specifically about a Honora Pearl Ankle Bracelet. Today Kathleen wrote us to ask:

"I have a Honora Pearl Ankle Bracelet that needs restringing. How much do you charge to restring it?"


The following is a quick run down on our prices:

Hi Kathleen!

For reknotting strands of pearls or beads, your investment is $3 when there are up to 4 knots per inch. This means a strand of 7mm or larger pearls or beads will cost $3 per inch.

If the strand is 6mm or smaller, the investment is $0.75 per knot.

Do you want to calculate your investment? If your pearls are 7mm in diameter or larger, simply measure the entirestrand (including the clasp) and multiply by $3. An 18 inch strand of 7mm pearls will cost $54 plus any applicable taxes and shipping. For multiple strands, add up the entire length of all strands.

If your pearls are smaller than 7mm, count the number of knots between each pearl and multiply by $0.75. If you do not know how big your pearls or beads are, no problem! Mail them to us and we will offer a quote before we start!

If your necklace or bracelet is not knotted (and you want to keep it that way!), your investment will be $1.50 per inch.

We would love to repair your Honora Pearl Ankle Bracelet!

Feel free to order a Jewelry Return Kit or simply mail the ankle bracelet directly to us:

The Pearl Girls

548 Hawthorne Ave

Athens, GA 30606

We will let you know when your Honora Pearl Ankle Bracelet arrives!



If you have any questions on how much your reknot or repair will cost, please reach out to us!!


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