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Solitaire pearl in a pearl ring

One Pearl

Sometimes you need just one pearl! When you need one flawless pearl for a ring or to match a lost earring, The Pearl Girls Solitaire Pearls are the way to go!

These are round, white AAA pearls and they are more expensive because they are clean, beautiful and undrilled. Here are the sizes for The Pearl Girls Solitaire pearls. These are the most common sizes we replace in pearl rings, pearl pins and pearl earrings with 6mm and 7mm being the most popular. How much does one pearl cost? Here are The Pearl Girls pricing for one round white AAA pearl.

Solitaire Prices

2-3mm $10

4mm $15

5mm $20

6mm $25

7mm $30

8mm $35

9mm $45

10mm $85

Lots of Pearls

Too much? We have lots of pearls on hand and the price for pearls goes down if they are AA pearls or no round pearls. Let us know what you need and we will see if we have it for you!

Please take into consideration this is just the price for the pearl. We charge an additional price for labor, epoxy, any required drilling and handling. We usually tell our customers that prices start at $20 for pearls in rings since most pearls start at the 5mm size.

If you don’t know what size you need, no problem! We will quote you before we start our work!

The Pearl Girls Jewelry Repair

Learn more about The Pearl Girls Pearl Ring repair HERE or, to get started, click HERE!

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We know many jewelers refuse to replace the pearls in rings and I am not sure why. Maybe they do not keep an inventory of undrilled pearls on hand. Or, maybe, they simply prefer not to do repair work! Because many jewelers employ a staff overseas, they may not be capable of doing repair work in the USA.

Buy Now or Later?

I understand it might be of concern to mail your ring all the way to Athens, GA! But, if you do, know that we will take fantastic care of your jewelry! We aim to get all repair jobs finished in two weeks! We would love to do this repair work for you!

And don’t worry about prepaying for your Solitaire Pearl! We will charge you for your repair after we finish doing the work!




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