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Let's do this! Arapawa Island, New Zealand, here we come! Mark your calendars, February 28 - March 10th!

We are going to Japan October 4 through October 12, 2024 but I know some of y'all have been holding out for the gorgeous abalone pearls in New Zealand! So, let's go!!

We will start in Auckland on the North Island, travel south to Wellington, then take a ferry through the sound to the Arapawa Island. Choose your own flight to Auckland on the North Island of New Zealand. The main flight I have picked out is Delta flight 319 Atlanta to LAX, leaving Atlanta at 6:30PM on February 28th and then continuing on from LAX to Auckland on Delta flight 65 at 10:55PM. We will land in Auckland at 8:55 AM on March 2nd.

We will return on Delta flight 64, leaving Auckland at 1:50PM on March 10th and flying back to LAX. We will land at 6:00 AM on March 10th. We will then catch Delta flight leaving LAX at 8:00AM and landing in Atlanta at 3:05PM. 

Because so many of you have flight credits and points, this time you are welcome to book your on flight! I am also happy to assist you although I priced this trip not including flights!

What does this price include? All accomodations, flights and ferries within the country. We will have accomodations at the pearl farm and stay tuned for more info on what meals are included. But plan on having spending money for meals and pearls!!

I am so incredibly excited about this trip! When I was first invited to this pearl farm, I was amazed. I told them it is impossible to nucleate abalones. And, they agreed! But, they do it anyway! Abalones are hemophiliacs. So, nucleating them can cause they to die. So, this pearl farm, located at the top of the South Island of New Zealand, creates mabe pearls in these abalone sea snails.

The colors are out of this world gorgeous!! They are stunning! I am so excited to see this process and these pearls! 

We will spend a couple of days in Aukland before we travel south to Wellington, take the ferry across from Wellington to Picton! And Picton is where you can then take a another boat ride to Arapawa island... which will be our home for a few nights as we explore this pearl wonderland!

But pearls are not the only thing we have planned...

We can go diving in the surging waters or relax on the private beach - with fishing, diving, swimming and sunbathing! Hello beach vacation! 

We will experience a touch of history.. as we learn about the Arapawa Island pioneers with references from Mãori oral history, legends and artwork to the diaries recording Captain Cook's observations when he visited this place. We will visit the school cottage, the old lighthouse keeper's house (now the shop), and the Arapawa Island lighthouse. There is a historic whaling station, and a WW2 gun emplacement.

It will be an immersive experience of pearls, culture, the ocean and fun. All with your favorite Pearl Girls and your fearless Pearl Girls leader, India Rows! I am so excited!!




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