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Add an inch of pearls every year and when she is 18, she will have an 18″ pearl necklace! Featuring our small, 5mm pearls. 

Y'all, I am loving the Add An Inch Pearl Necklace! At The Pearl Girls ® Repair and Reknot Department, we work to reknot and restring pearls necklaces and to create new designs with vintage pearls. Well, how many times have we worked with pearl necklaces that were never finished? I don't think I could even count!

And that's alright, right? A beautiful assortment of pearls on a gold or silver chain is marvelous and beautiful. It does not even matter how many pearls you have! But, I started thinking... what if we could offer a "starter pearl" necklace that we can add to every year and eventually have a full strand of pearls. And the Add an Inch Necklace was born!

The Add an Inch Necklace by The Pearl Girls features an inch of 5mm pearls on a 14" sterling silver chain (or choose 14K gold!). Return this necklace to us every year and for the cost of these pearls and labor, we will add an inch of pearls to the necklace. This equals 4-5 of our gorgeous 5mm pearls. And by the time you reach 18 (if you choose to add an inch each year), you will have an 18" strand of pearls.

The Add an Inch pearl necklaces are something we have been offering for a few years in local children's shops and at our store on Hawthorne Ave. And we have had fantastic feedback and results!

We hope you will enjoy the Add An inch pearl necklace as much as we do! ** For ease, start with one, two or three inches of pearls. Do you want to start with more? Just reach out and let us know! You can call us at 706-850-5296 or email us at**

The standard length for these are 14" since these are great for young girls. Our adult model is wearing a 14" strand. Prefer longer? Choose 16" or 18"

Below is an estimate of prices to add to your necklace. These are subject to change.



Send the necklace back to us to add pearls! These prices are based on adding an inch of pearls plus the labor to reknot the total amount of pearls you have.  If you buy an inch of pearls, you will mail it back to us for inch #2. The $24 on Inch #2 includes the price of one inch of small 5mm pearls plus the labor to reknot 2 inches of pearls. The price on Inch #3 includes the price of purchasing one inch of small 5mm pearls and reknotting the entire 3 inches of pearls. Yes, we do have to reknot the entire length of pearls, we cannot simply add to the pearls you have. To do so would be us doing a sub-par job on your necklace. Now, if you choose to start with three inches of pearls, send the necklace to us for inch #4. Want to add more than an inch at a time, reach out to us for a customized quote! Here is the price for pearls and labor based on the total amount of pearls:

Inch #2 - $24

Inch #3 - $27

Inch #4 - $30

Inch #5 - $33

Inch #6 - $36

Inch #7 - $39

Inch #8 - $42

Inch # 9 - $45

Inch # 10 - $48

Inch #11 - $51

Inch #12 - $54

Inch #13 - $57

Inch #14 - $60

Inch #15 - $63

Inch #16 - $66

Inch #17 - $69

Inch #18 - $72

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