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Yangtze River Pearls

Sun, Sep 20, 2020 | Pearl Blog

Yangtze River Pearls come from the Yangtze River! It is the third longest river in the world, it is the longest river in Asia and it is significant because it is the longest river that travels through only one country. So, why do I care about the Yangtze River? Here’s the magic happening in the Yangtze River Delta right now.


Yangtze River Pearls

Yes, these are Yangtze pearls. Similar to the Edison Pearls that I launched recently, these are bead nucleated freshwater pearls. Some people even call them Edisons! They have a similar crinkle pattern to their surface, really showcasing their brightness.

Another name for these types of pearls include Fireballs. Some people believe Fireballs have more of a baroque shape, like the tail of a flaming ball sailing through the sky. But some people like to call these Fireballs, too. I like this name, too. It seems especially appropriate with the coloring of these pearls!


Lovely Luster

These pearls  are formed behind the foot of the mollusk and they take about 3 to 4 years to grow. Although they do have a bead nucleus, it is small. These pearls are  super thick and full of nacre. They are known for being big, with 11-12mm being the average size. And the luster? … Well, that’s pretty much the most stunning aspect of these pearls. They are known for their jaw-dropping luster.

I can honestly say that I have never seen pearls as amazing as these.... everyone at The Pearl Girls is swooning over these beauties!close with Yangtze Pearls - The Pearl GirlsColors

Yangtze River’s river pearls can come in all different colors including mauve and blush, even white. But these are the most spectacular, and the most unique. They are metallic pearls. It is almost as if they have a gold overlay. As usual, the photos do not capture the true beauty of these pearls. They appear to have more of a purple hue in these images. They are, in fact, cooler colors with a golden overlay.

It is rare to find enough of these to match in a full strand. But, we did! Seven full strands, to be exact.

So, act fast if you want one! (Santa... are you listening?)

The Yangtze Edison Fireball Necklace


Unique Pearls

If you are looking for the most unique pearls on the market right now, here they are. These are conversation starters... I-can’t-get-them-off-my-mind kind of pearls. In fact, when one of my buyers reached out to me about them, I felt myself put on the the brakes. Would y’all love them as much as I do? I wasn’t sure! COVID, economy, holidays.... all of it leaves me a little fearful right now. And yet, finding new and fabulous pearls is why I started The Pearl Girls. I live for fabulous, unique and hard to find pearls! So, we are a go with these beauties! And I scored an amazing price for y'all!

These pearls remind me that life is still one beautiful adventure, after all. Even if my adventures aren’t far and wide these days. These Yangtze pearls will transport you to a whole new world.

Yangtze River Pearl Studs



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