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Are These Pearls From the Persian Gulf?

Sat, Jun 20, 2020 | Pearl Blog

Bina reached out to The Pearl Girls with images of this gorgeous necklace! She wanted to know: Are These Pearls From the Persian Gulf?

Are these pearls from the Persian gulf

Here’s what she wrote:

I too have a passion for pearls! I didn't find the specific info that I am looking for. I am trying to determine whether a strand of pearls that I have is 'saltwater' and 'natural' (not cultured) pearls.
And that they are from the Persian Gulf. To me they're too perfect round to be natural, but I want to be sure.
Is it possible for me to send it to you? Can I get in touch with India directly?
Thank you so much,
Are these pearls from the Persian gulf Close up

Are These Persian Gulf Pearls?

Hi Bina!

Your necklace is absolutely gorgeous! I actually had plans to travel to the Persian Gulf this year, that's the next stop on my list. Unfortunately, with everything going on in the world, I have been grounded! I am keeping it high on my list!
I am not familiar with Persian Gulf pearls at this point in my career. So, I cannot give you any sort of opinion on the origin of these pearls, whether they are from the Persian Gulf, and whether they are natural pearls. I do know that people in that region are very serious about their natural pearls!
I encourage you to reach out to the Gemological Institute of America. They have offices in California and I believe New York as well. I trained in California.
But, they have a program, and I know it's not necessarily cheap but they can analyze your pearls for you and tell you the origin and whether they are natural or cultured. I think that's your best bet is to have them analyzed in their lab.
All the best to you! Thanks so much for reaching out!


Are these pearls from the Persian gulf Clasp

Round Pearls

One thing I would like to add for my blog readers. Another bit of travel I took in 2019 was a trip to London, England. Seeing the royal jewelry collections is a great reminder that just because a pearl is round does not mean it is not natural! Yes, we culture pearls with intent on making them round. And natural pearls can show up in all different qualities and shapes. However, there are many round natural pearls! Just ask the Queen!

Thanks, as always, for your questions!



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