Product Description

The Xs and Os Pearl Bracelet is a gorgeous and easy to wear stretch bracelet! And, truthfully, it is the coolest thing we have created in a long time! Why? These pearls are so incredibly unique and different. We are willing to bet you have never seen pearls like this before!

What is It?

The “it” you are looking at is a genuine cultured pearl. Look at how amazing these are; each one of these pearls is remarkable and different. This big hunk of pearl reminds me of a Tic-Tac-Toe grid! And it was formed inside the mollusk shell in this exact shape.

Which means, this pearl was not created post-harvest. These are not pieces of pearls put together, this is not mother of pearl and this is not a glued together conglomeration of pearl. In fact, none of these have been manufactured by hand. The TicTacToe pearl is a genuine cultured pearl!

Look at the amazing colors... a touch a mauve and pink. Sort of metallic. Each pearl is so varied and different!

How Did It Form?

This is a great question! If these are genuine cultured pearls ... how did they form in this unique and spectacular way?

Creating pearl shapes used to be incredibly common. As pearl farmers experimented with different production techniques, they also experimented with different shapes. How fun! Right? This is how we have coin pearls and pearl stars.

But, some producers didn’t stop with these shapes. By manipulating the donor mantle tissue, different and distinctive shapes can be encouraged. Another option is to make small incisions in a mollusk. This causes the mollusk to release its pearl making material in a certain pattern or shape.

As with all pearl production, the final result is natural. However, this tic-tac-toe grid was the ultimate goal. And it is a show stopper.

The Pearl Girls

This is where we came in. I was so excited to get my hands on a few strands of these spectacular pearls! We played around with different designs and settled and this amazing Xs and Os Pearl Bracelet.

We are excited to launch this beautiful, unique and easy to wear piece. Keep an eye out for more designs with these tic-tac-toe pearls.

Size 7.25 inches on stretch nylon. Need it longer? No problem! Just let us know!

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