Product Description

Look at this amazing Starfish Pearl Necklace! This is the newest creation by The Pearl Girls and is ready for your star Mom this Mother’s Day!

Because Mammas are truly the brightest stars in the sky and the coolest fish in the sea!

We also have graduation coming up and we know what an accomplishment that it! Especially with all of the disruption in school and life this year! There are so many stars to celebrate this time of year!


Okay, I did some fact checking. Starfish are not actually fish! (I know, you probably guessed that!) They are related to sand dollars and sea urchins. Starfish are called echinoderms, marine animals characterized by their radial symmetry. They radiate from their center in a symmetrical pattern. The starfish in this necklace represent a radial symmetry of 5. However, this does not mean that all sea stars have five arms!  There are some species of sea stars with 10, 20, or even 40 arms! If one of these arms is lost, a sea star has the amazingly ability to regenerate it. Hmm... a many armed regenerative beauty.. maybe not so different from Mom, after all!

The Details

This is a sterling silver necklace with a gorgeous, whimsical starfish. The necklace is adjustable from 16-18”. The starfish is .7 inch x .8 inch and features a 7mm white pearl. My favorite part of this starfish is the subtle bling provided by the round, star cut zircon along its five arms.

The Starfish Pearl Necklace features a beautiful medium sized pearl (7mm) set in sterling silver on a sterling silver chain.


These starfish are a very special item and we have a limited number available. When we sell out, we will, unfortunately, not be able to make more!

Thanks for shopping with The Pearl Girls!




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