Single South Sea Pearl Necklace

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The Single South Sea pearl necklace is the Queen of our single pearl necklaces! Did you know South Sea pearls are called the Queen of Gems? This necklace features a gorgeous large (around 9mm) south sea pearl that we procured from an amazing cultured pearl farm in Indonesia. This is from the farm we visited June, 2018!

As you know, we offer the very popular Single Pearl Necklace in round pearls, with Tahitian pearls, even Coin Pearls and Baroque pearls. The difference in this one is the beautiful silvery white tone that South Sea pearls are known for. So, if you are wondering why the different pearls (and different pearl prices!) these are all based on the various value of the pearls we use. This pearl will still have some bumps and ridges but these pearls are more expensive than Freshwater and Tahitian counterparts. In fact, South Sea pearls are some of the most expensive pearls in the market!

As you may or may not know, each year I take a trip to a new international pearl farm, and I bring an amazing group of people with me! You are welcome to join me on my pearl adventures, too! This year, we went to Indonesia.

Needless to say the trip was absolutely amazing! And the pearls are stunning! South Sea pearls can be either silvery white or golden yellow. The pearl farm we visited specializes in the silvery white pearls. If you remember reading about my trip the The Philippines, they specialize in the golden South Sea Pearls.  The difference in these pearls and Akoya pearls is the tone and luster and the nacre is thick and robust, too! The are really stunning pearls and I have been loving the ones I bought for myself on the trip!

And now is a chance for you to own a South Sea pearl! These pearls are off round, a couple are more of a drop style. I thought this was a great way to launch our new collection of South Sea Pearls, with a simple and stunningly beautiful South Sea Pearl on a chain. I have decided to drill these pearls so they chain slides right through the pearl and the pearl can move through the chain. I created my own Single Tahitian Pearl Necklace this way, and made a 15" necklace so they pearl sits right in the notch of my neck. The pearls in this necklace are similar to the style of this Tahitian pearl but, of course, they are silvery white!

 Please specify your preferred length as we will be making these custom for you as you order. As always if you have any questions please read out to us! Thanks so much! We LOVE that you are a pearl girl!




What length? This is the average placement on the different lengths of single pearl necklaces on chain. Of course, everyone has different body types and neck sizes so this is just an average:

15" - falls at the little notch between your collar bones

16" - collar bones

17" -If you wear an 18" strand of pearls, a 17" single pearl on a chain sits at the exact length of your 18" strand of pearls

18" - sits slightly below where your 18" strand of pearls sits

20" -if you fear that your necklace will feel too restrictive around your neck or if you feel like your neck has fallen a bit over the years, choose this length!



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