Product Description

The careful selection of silk thread is important in the repair, reknot and stringing of pearls and beaded jewelry.

Drill Holes

An incredibly important component of restringing pearl necklaces and beaded jewelry is the thread size. It seems like it should be easy enough, right? Simply choose a thread and do the work. It is more complicated when you think about the drill holes. All pearls and beaded jewelry are drilled. And all drill holes are not created equally. There are slight variations in the sizes of drill holes. These holes can vary greatly given the size and the weight of the jewelry. Plus some imitation pearls have extremely large holes.

Thread Size

Because of the various drill hole sizes, we carry over twelve sizes of thread in a variety of colors to match the jewelry. We find that thread size is an easily overlooked in many repairs. And this can be a costly mistake. Have you ever had a piece of jewelry that never exactly laid right? This is because the thread was too thick! Have you ever had a necklace that stretch out very quickly? This is because the thread size was too small.

Silk Thread

Different companies may choose one medium over another. Threads exist in cotton, nylon and silk. Silk is the finest of all of these mediums and at The Pearl Girls we choose to use natural silk thread for stringing pearl jewelry. When we are restringing multiple pieces of your jewelry and we can use the same size thread, we will. Otherwise, we charge for multiple packs of silk thread.

Just The Facts

If you have hired us to restring or reknot jewelry for you, don't worry about prepaying for the silk thread! We will add it up to the total cost of your service and let you know your balance after we finish our work!


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