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Product Description

Get Pretty in these Pretty Pearl Earrings by The Pearl Girls. Inspired by Julia Robert’s character, Vivian Ward, in Pretty Woman and by our own customer’s request to create a similar design, we created The Pearl Girls own Pretty Pearl Earrings. These earrings are so amazing! We went for the upgrade with these, creating them in 14K gold with large, genuine cultured pearls.

For those of you who prefer a smaller pearl, you also have the option of ordering these in medium pearls.

These 14K gold pretty pearl earrings feature a 3mm gold ball and they drop into the round pearl. These are so refined and lovely!

To learn more about Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Woman and to see her pearls, click here. I wish we were around back then to work with her costume designer! But, she originally used a vintage design for her set. Again, read more here. And you are ready for your own interpretation of Pretty Perl Earrings, order below! Feel Pretty in these pretty pearls!

And, can I shout out to our amazing bookkeeper Lisa who I casually asked, “Hey, do you want to wear these?” To which she replied, “Of course!” And next thing you know I am photographing her and putting her on our website. 

I cannot say it enough, I have such fondness and gratitude for all the Pearl Girls! Thank you for loving and supporting what we do!




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