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Product Description

Choose white, pink or black pearls!

Let’s get a little pomp and circumstance with this Pomp Pearl Necklace!

In this time when we have to forgo our public displays and ceremonies. But, we can still honor our loved ones with a splendid display... of pearls.

I absolutely adore these tiny 3-4mm pearls. We are offering them in pink, white or black pearls! Each with a large white pearl in the center. And because I want this necklace to be versatile, we created them in a 17” length with a 2” extension chain. So, you can wear it between 17” and 19”. This mean no guesswork when it comes to gifting this necklace, either!

I love the look of one single pearl like in our Single Pearl Necklaces and I love the daintiness of our Baby Pearls, too. This is a perfect combination of these two looks!

And the colors in this Pomp Pearl Necklace are amazing, too! The white and pink pearls are all natural pearls, born of this color right out of the shell! The black pearls are the same pearls but colored black. Unlike the photo, they have more of a rich, dark look versus the multicolored peacock pearl look. This adds a little drama to this beautiful necklace!

Made with love by our amazing pearl staff in Athens, GA! We are so thrilled to be a part of your celebration!




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