Product Description

Orient is the completely indescribable, colorful, luminescent sheen that layers in these gorgeous pearl earrings. The Orient Pearl Earrings are breathtaking.

The Oriental pearl we're talking! Look at these beautiful coin pearl earrings! Actually, wait until you see them in person (even better!). The luster is so striking in these earrings that they were very difficult to photograph!!

Orient is the colorful luminescent sheen that reflects from the surface of certain pearls. Orient is typically found in the inner mollusk shell, in keshi pearls and really in any pearls that reflects light a rainbow colored hue. Because these coin pearls are flat, they have amazing Orient. It seems only perfect to call them the Oriental Pearl Earrings. The beauty in these pearls reaffirms our belief in the beauty of our natural world and the luxury we find in simply enjoying beautiful things.

We all deserve something beautiful and these coin-shaped  pearls are so completely stunning as simple stud earring. We believe that we do not need to add embellishments to a pearls so whole and complete.  I find them so striking, slightly regal and just plain fun! After we created them, we just HAD to put a pair in our ears immediately! Basically, they are everything you could ask for in a stunning pair of stud earrings with an equally gorgeous price tag. Can someone say, "Bang for your buck?!"

I have put these 10-11mm pearls on a sterling silver post, although they are also available in 14K gold.

The model is wearing the Oriental Pearl Earrings with the Coin Pearl Necklace.

Now, women have asked me if they should get these instead of the classic studs and here is the truth.. you always need a classic pair of stud earrings. But if you already have that classic pair of studs and you are ready for something big and radiant...well, these Coin Pearl earrings are calling your name! but these earrings. They will be your knock-them-dead, watch-out-here-you come earrings. Enjoy!



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