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Product Description

This Kindergarten Pearls White Pearl Bracelet features Extra Small (2-3mm) pearls. 5.5 inches long. Just like our baby bracelet but slightly longer for the "big Pearl girls."

We have taken our beautiful baby pearl bracelet and sized it up for a kindergartener! This is THE gift for your sweet kindergarten graduate! Our baby pearl bracelets are sized for girls up to 4 years old. We decided to size this bracelet at 5.5" to fit your "big girl!"

These sweet baby pearls represent how the tiniest details matter. And so do the tiniest of gifts... even the sweet gifts she can love and treasure forever. This bracelet can be kept as a keepsake or returned to us to lengthen or add to another piece of jewelry! A girl will always remember her graduation pearls!

Our baby pearls bracelet in impossibly extra small (2-3mm) pearls. A celebration of the tiniest lives which make life worth living.

Perfect for a kindergarten graduation of a birthday!

This bracelet comes in a 5.5" size and fits a four to six year old. If the girl is petite, she can wear this bracelet longer.  After that, we can add pearls to extend the size of the bracelet or add the pearls to make a necklace. We can also make this bracelet in 6" if you feel like she needs it bigger! The Pearl Girls have options... making sure she never, truly, grows "out" of her pearls!

We can make it longer, if you prefer! There will be a slight adjustment in price.

* Yes, these pearls are real! Nothing is too wonderful for your kindergartner, including her pearls! As with all of The Pearl Girls jewelry, these pearls are genuine cultured pearls that we personally source from international pearl farms. They come with a certificate of authenticity.

* Please know that jewelry is not recommended for young children 3 and under due to small parts and a potential choking hazard. This bracelet has been through independent product testing and does not pose any material risks. Pearls are organic and digestible and the clasp is sterling silver and the thread is genuine silk.. However please be aware of the risk of choking hazards posed by small parts jewelry and use your own discretion before giving small parts jewelry to young children.

Size Chart


2-3mm Freshwater Cultured Potato Pearls

Strung on 100% Pure Silk Thread

Sterling Silver 9mm Oval Lobster Clasp & Ring


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