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Cute cultured pearl earrings in a simple dangle for just $49. So why do we call them the Free Pearl Earrings? Read more below...

Wait, so why do we call them Free Pearls? We took inspiration from you, our repair customers! Because you just got your pearls restrung or shortened... or you found some loose drilled pearls in your drawer! What are you going to do with those free pearls?

The Drill Hole

Since they have a hole drilled all the way through, you cannot turn them into studs. But, dangles are possible! Let us take those free pearls and make them wearable again. Now, what if you just want a simple earrings design but you do not have any loose pearls? No problem! Order these and we will give you the pearls for free!

So, you buy the earrings... and we will supply the medium sized pearls for FREE! The Free Pearl Earrings! Or, send us your pearls to use in these earrings. Either way, a cute pair of dangle earrings in allergy free sterling silver for just $49. Yes, please!

We have created these earrings for countless customers... most recently for Stephanie who took her extra pearls and created earrings for her Mom, sister and herself!

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Extra Pearls?

We LOVE the opportunity to reknot and restring your pearls and beads. And some of y'all have pearls or beads left over and wonder... what can I do with these? Since they are drilled all the way through, we cannot make stud earrings. Instead, we typically create simple dangle earrings and most of y'all LOVE them!

I thought it would be fun to list these as an option on The Pearl Girls website. Since I know some of you don't have pearls you want us to use, here, let me give you some for FREE! So, voilà, for a limited time only, we will give you a pair of our pearls for free! All you are paying for is material and labor.  And we can still make these with your pearls! No problem! Just let us know!!

Free pearl earrings for a limited time at The Pearl Girls. Get them while they are FREE!!

One medium sized cultured pearl hanging on sterling silver ear hooks.





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