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Product Description

Last one!!

Gorgeous, extra large dangle earrings! I love the extra large, 13-14mm Edison pearls in these Edison Earrings! Set in sterling silver, these big, iced fireballs are sure to wow you!

Okay, these are not really icy fireballs but Edisons do remind me of the head of a comet. If comets were pearls, they would be Edison pearls! 

The Origin of Edison

If you have read my post on Edison pearls, you know I flew to Hong Kong last year to discover more about these beautiful gems. I love Edison’s... they are big and bold. They are lustrous and their nacre can be very unique.... kind of crinkly. They remind me of a comet... without the tail! Like a bright white fireball!

Well, it is only natural that I found some Edison pearls for myself! I paired these pearls with pink and gold and the India Earrings were born! We have sold out of the Indias and I wanted more options for y’all! So, check out The Pearl Girls newest Edisons....

The Edison Earrings

These gorgeous Edison pearls are set in sterling silver. Just one lovely pop of pearl at the bottom of French hooks. you can’t go wrong with the wow factor and simplicity of these new earrings!

And if you are checking out the gorgeous necklace we paired these with for our model shots, click on over to The Pearl Girls fabulous Baroque Pearl Necklace!

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