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Product Description

Do not even think about staying in with these stunning earrings. They are meant to be flaunted!

Look at these amazing baroque pearl earrings! Baroque is an umbrella term for misshapen, very unround pearls. They are super popular! These baroque pearl earrings are a great look when you want to go big, fun, funky and eccentric. Mainly big! These are big, beautiful and can't be missed gems.

It is with great pride that I tell you that you cannot talk on the phone with these Baroque Pearl Earrings in your ears. Maybe you can have a short chit-chat but do not expect to talk with your best girlfriend for hours on end while wearing these stunners. They are just too big, too bold to hold that phone to your ear. Does that deter you? Do not let it! You need to put down that phone and sashay your cute self out the door. These earrings are some of the most beautiful pearls we  offer and they are meant to be seen, flaunted even. I flaunted them on the beach when I took those ubiquitous family photos. I couldn't help myself!

Meet India Rows

I found these pearls in China and they represent some of the newest cultured freshwater pearls and the trend to go bigger, bolder and pricier too. To learn more about how they are formed, read our blog on Big Freshwater Pearls. I could not help but secure a pair of these for myself and I have a limited number available for sale. I just couldn't resist sharing these incredible baubles!

My mom has always loved angels and we have marveled about how much the unique shape of these pearls resemble the beauty and grace of an angel's wings. That is how we came to name these earrings. There is not an actual name for pearls called "angel wings" but, truthfully, I think there should be. These are truly that stunning!

Another term for these are baroque pearls with a tail. These pearls are bead nucleated and they have an extra bit of pearl floating off of rounder part of the pearl. This is how they naturally form, with a stunning little pearl tail. You are going to love them!

Love, India



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