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Add A New Pearl to Your Pearl Ring

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Product Description

I think there is an interesting thing going on these days. So many jewelry stores are new jewelry focused. So, unless you are dealing with small artisan shop, most of the big chains cannot help you when something goes wrong. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that most jewelry is made in large volume and crafted overseas.

I have found this especially apparent when it comes to pearl rings. At The Pearl Girls ™ I have heard the same story many times. A person buys a ring from a large chain or jewelry retail shop and then the pearl falls out. So, they return the ring for repair and they are told that the only thing they can do it replace the ring. They simply cannot (or do not know how) to repair it.

But, alot more can happen to pearls rings... sometimes the pearl stays in but it no longer looks good!  Sometimes pearls just rub down to mother of pearl beads! I've added a video to show this!

Fortunately, this doesn't mean you need a brand new ring! Especially if you have to pay for it! Plus, many times this ring holds special meanings to you and those do not feel so easily replaceable! 

The Pearl Girls ™ to the rescue!

When it comes to replacing pearls in rings (and pins!) we keep a variety of beautiful round and flawless pearls in stock. So, whether you need one showstopping central pearl or a tiny pearl cluster replaced, we have the pearl for the job! From tiny 2mm pearls to large 10mm pearls, we can replace your pearl and make your ring wearable again!

If you want more info, please call or email us or order a Jewelry Return Kit to send your pearl to us! Pearl replacements start at $50.

We can replace all types and sizes of pearls. Please know, we will need to see your ring, either in an image or in person, to get you an accurate price! **



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