Product Description

Look at this beautiful, simple, stackable and easy to wear custom pearl ring! This is a gorgeous pearl ring featuring two pearls set in a sterling silver design.

First, this Twin Pearl Ring features two of The Pearl Girls small pearls. Hello luster! Next, it adapts to the size of your finger. Do your fingers swell with the seasons? Do you have knuckles that are bigger than your ring size? Do you enjoy the flexibility of different ring sizes that adjust when you need them to? This is the pearl ring for you! All in a custom, made-for-you design.

I remember that as my pregnancy progressed, I was not able to wear my rings. Oh how I needed the Twin Pearl Ring! We created this for all of you amazing Pearl Girls who we know will benefit from a stylish and easy to wear design like this, which grows and changes as you do!

The Details

Here are the specs. This ring is sterling silver and features two of The Pearl Girls small pearls. The pearls are set in 14k yellow gold fill cups. It comes in different sizes and yet each ring is meant to be able to pull open to make it bigger and pinch smaller to make it smaller. This is sturdy sterling silver, so it does not give easily, which is great! You do not have to worry about your ring stretching out as you wear it. However, this does make it necessary to give the ring a strong pull to open and a strong pinch to close.

I gave a ring to my mother who was able to open and stretch it over her knuckle for a perfect ring fit which will not slide off. It is my hope that you have similar success.

And if you do not need an adjustable ring? Awesome! I didn't either! It is a beautiful ring whether you adjust it or not!


Created by The Pearl Girls metal artist Sylvia Dawe, these rings are a gorgeous custom design. Please allow us two weeks to make these for you!

Choose your ring size! The ring is made with Sterling silver and can be ordered in Small, Medium or Large. The size influences the size of the ring, not the material or pearl size. On average, here are the breakdown of ring sizes:

Small = 5.5 - 6.75

Medium = 7 - 8

Large = 8 +

I hope you LOVE our new design! Thanks for being a Pearl Girl!



These are totally custom, made for you rings by the artist Sylvia Dawe. There will be slight variations in the ring and the pearls. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery!

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