Here Fish Earrings by Sylvia Dawe

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"What are those?" My friend Alison exclaimed, peering at my ears. "Oh, just a little Christmas gift to myself," I casually responded. Alison had stopped by The Pearl Girls to join me for a cup of coffee. And she was mesmerized with all of our gorgeous baubles. The "those" she was referring to are these gorgeous Here Fish Earrings.

You see...

As we prepared for the Holiday seasons, our creative juices were overflowing. We created alot of custom pieces and one-of-a-kinds for customers. Our metal artist, Sylvia, was hard at work supplying gorgeous pieces for the shop as well as creating items for her own holiday markets.

When she brought these fish earrings through our doors, a few weeks before Christmas, they landed right in my ears. Merry Christmas, India. I was in love! I took them on all my holiday travels, parties and events. They just swam along with me. Cute, fun, different, refined... dress up or dress down... a conversation starter...

They are crowned with a large baroque pearl, which she attached to her  handmade sterling silver metal "skeleton", then to another small pearl and finished with a custom silver tail. They are fishy but not too hokey, artistic but accessible.

Alison made it known that if I was offering these for sale, she was in line to buy. So, last weekend I met with Sylvia and she got back to her studio creating. She created some shorter and some longer. I told her to aim at around a 2.5" drop. Here is the photo she sent me with her gorgeous fish.

I always tell her it is easier to sell online when we just have one style to choose from but she never listens. She loves creating different styles!

So, you have options... get your earrings just like mine:

Or, we can send you images of all the variations Sylva created and you can choose your favorite!

Each one is custom made, so you know this wasn’t mass produced in a factory. This was created with love in one woman’s workshop, made exclusively for you!

I am proud to say that you will never find another pair of earrings quite like these!

Lots of Love from Athens, GA,



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