Coin Pearl Ring by Sylvia Dawe

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We have taken our beautiful wire wrap pearl ring to a new level with the added coin pearl. Behold, the coin pearl ring! The coin pearl ring shows off the beautiful luster and uniqueness of coin pearls in a gorgeous and easy to wear wire strap design.

Choose between a sterling silver ring or a gold fill wire wrapped ring. These are handmade to order so please allow us a week to complete your ring, with the perfect pearl for you!

Also, the band on this ring is thin metal wire. Because of this, I find I can size down in this ring. In our thin band, Big Pearl Ring, I wear a size 7 but I can wear a 6.5 in this wire wrapped ring. Some people can go a full size down, as long as they can wiggle it over the knuckles!

Handmade to Order

Created by The Pearl Girls metal artist Sylvia Dawe, these coin pearl rings really pop. Coin pearls are known for their great luster and surface Orient, similar to a rainbow effect. They have a unique way of catching the light. Which makes them an excellent choice as a ring! Read more on coin pearls here!

More on Coin Pearls

So how do they get this shape? Coin pearls are created when a flat mother of pearl piece is inserted into the mollusk to form a nucleus to the pearl. The mollusk deposits the pearl nacre on top of this disk shape, and the coin pearl is born. Because the nacre is deposited on the flat surface, the surface rarely stays smooth. There may be bumps and ridges on the surface of the coin pearl. Also, this creates a different play of light on the surface of the pearl. If you can imagine, the way light reflects along a spherical pearl is different than light on the coin pearl surface. Again, creating the Orient effect.

Choose your ring size! The ring is made with Sterling silver wire or you can upgrade to 14K gold fill.

Thanks for an amazing year and an amazing fundraiser! Thanks for being a Pearl Girl!



These are totally custom, made for you rings by the artist Sylvia Dawe. There will be slight variations in the wire wrapping and the pearls. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery! Due to their custom nature, these are not returnable. But, as always, if you have a problem with your ring, please reach out and let us know! We are always happy to work on making you, our wonderful customer, happy! You are our priority!! Thanks!

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