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What a fun and divinely gorgeous coin pearl bracelet featuring beautifully hued, high luster coin pearls. This bracelet matches our amazing Coin Pearl Necklace and the super cute Single Coin Pearl Necklace. Plus these are coin pearls! Which makes them so amazing!! Do you know how the inside of shells look so beautiful with almost a rainbow like iridescence? This iridescence is because of the way the light plays on the flat mother of pearl surface. It gives it an extra sort of glow to the mother of pearl. This same glow is found in these cultured coin pearls. Which, for one, makes them almost impossible to photograph! They have such high luster and such a play of colors on their white surface, these colors tend to pop in the lens. So, although we have some photos here, seeing is truly believing when it comes to these amazing gems!! Come to our shop to see them or order online! You will LOVE them!

The coin pearls in this Coin Pearl Bracelet are a perfect size! They measure between 10 and 12mm in diameter. Besides the amazing luster and color, it appears as if the pearl nacre has been dripped over the surface of these coin pearls. I love that they are not all even and perfect. They are pearls! And they bask in their beautifully organic nature!

Now, many of you have come to see me at The Pearl Girls shop have asked, how exactly do we get this shape of a pearl. A coin pearl has a disc like shape... just like a coin! The mollusk is actually nucleated with a bead shaped like a disk so the pearl is formed on top of this disk making the pearl disk shaped! Did you know, in saltwater pearl productions, the oysters are nucleated with a round mother of pearl bead? This helps to form round pearls. It is like working with a template! Way back when, all different shapes of pearls were fashionable so pearl farmers would play around with different shapes of pearls. These shapes went in and out of fashion but the coin pearl is here to stay. People remain captivated by this gorgeous gem and its unparalleled luster.

What can I say? I love this coin pearl bracelet. Wear it solo or stack it with your Stretch Pearl Bracelets or Single Strand Bracelets.

I cannot wait for you to fall in love with coin pearls the way I have!

Bracelet is available is 7", 7.5", 8" or any custom size, just let us know! With a sterling silver filigree clasp!

Oh, and quick fact, did you know that way back when pearl farmers were trying to make a go of it in the United States, they produced coin pearls? See my video Harvesting Pearls in the United States to see when I harvested my own American Coin Pearl!





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