Product Description

Be the woman about town in this fabulous pearls and pave crystal bead bracelet.

We created this fabulous piece and then we were so thrilled to see another large jeweler launch the same bracelet a few months later. Love it! It is a great bracelet, worthy of being talked about (in the best way possible, of course!) A touch of bling paired with high luster pearls. Almost too good to be true although, we like the good and the true around here! Celebrate life! Enjoy a little bling, a lunch date with girlfriends, a night out dancing… The About Town Bracelet… get out and strut your stuff!!

We love, love, love these pearls and more bracelets on stretch elastic! We have taken our medium to large size sized pearls (9mm) and combined them with beautiful bling beads. hese bracelets are unique, interesting and SO easy to wear! Slide them on– the pop of bling makes them a fun pearl bracelet! Mix or match with our Pearls and More bracelets!

Bracelets are typically around 7.25″ — we find this is the most versatile size, but we can make these any length so let us know!

Wear these pearls and more bracelets alone, together, or layered with other bracelets.

Design Notes: I wear mine daily and each year I have them restrung on new elastic. So, keep in mind, if you wear your jewelry a lot like I do, you may need to return it to us for “restringing” in a year. Now our sweet Abby wear hers about once every week or two and she hasn’t ever restrung hers (in about 5 years!). If you decide to restring yours, we charge $10. Thanks!




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