Graduated Pearl Necklace (Custom!)

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Custom necklaces available by special order!

((*Please note! To see options for each style of necklace, make a selection from all 3 drop down menus: Style (# of Strands), Length & Clasp. The lengths must correspond with the style. If you are interested in a Triple Strand, select Triple Strand for the Style and select one of the options with 3 lengths listed for the Length. (if you select any of the non-corresponding lengths it will give you that rascally sold out message!)*))

I love looking at old photos of women in pearls. On Facebook, I recently posted one of Billie Holiday in a stunning Graduated Pearl Necklace. If you look closely, many women have glorified the covers of albums, magazine, newspapers and marketing products in their Graduated Pearl Strands. They were once THE pearls to own. A beautiful strand of pearls that starts small at the clasp and progressively gets bigger as they move closer to the center of the strand. I believe every one of our grandmothers used to own a strand.

Over time, these strands were replaced in popularity by the Classic Pearl Strand, a full strand of pearls in matching pearl sizes.

But now, a movement seems to be happening. First, we get tons of Graduated Pearl Necklaces mailed to us for our Reknot and Repair Department (if you don't know about that... check out our Repair Department here...)

Plus, more and more women have been asking for these strands. We have been creating these strands for a few years now for various custom requests. Well, now it is time to roll out the carpet for the revival of the Graduated Pearl Necklace. Starting with a stunning 10mm pearl in the center, our strands move down to 5mm pearls close to the clasp. This is a lovely piece, classic with a vintage vibe.... we think you will love it! And you may become a classic in your own right! Move over Billie, Princess Diana, and the many wonderful women that came before us... a new generation of Graduated Pearl Beauties are coming our way!

And let's give a nod to the Queen, too! Many of you fans of the t.v. show The Crown love the queen's pearl necklace! We see it often in "real life," too! We love her pearls and we have happily recreated that look for many of our Pearl Girls! Now, please know, we are not the pearl supplier for that t.v. show (or for the Queen!) but we can hand knot one gorgeous strand of pearls! See my blog post on the Queen's Triple Strand Necklace HERE! 

I have included lots of variations on length.. if you do not see exactly what you want, let us know! We can custom make any length you prefer!

Learn more about the Types of Pearls offered in this necklace by clicking HERE.

Enjoy Pearl Girls!




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