Single Coin Pearl Necklace

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Are you interested in one gorgeous pearl on your necklace? Look no further than an amazing single coin pearl.

I love coin pearls. Besides their symbol as an amazingly abundant (and abundantly gorgeous) pearl, they have a cool pearl feature we call Orient. Orient is the rainbow like iridescence typically found in the inside of nacreous shells. The inner lining of the shell is called Mother-of-Pearl and it is the same material that pearls are made of. It is truly the mother of the pearl! Because the mother of pearl is on a flat surface on the shell (versus a curved surface on a spherical pearl) the light reflects in a different way. When light penetrates the interlocking crystal layers of the mother-of-pearl, it reflects a multitude of subtle colors. So even a white shell looks somewhat colorful. It is so super subtle and beautiful. The flat surface of a coin pearl reflects light the same way, creating yet another rainbow like display of colors. This Orient is what makes coin pearls unique. That and their super cool coin-like shape!

A simple piece to complement our current offerings of Single Pearl Necklaces.

Like all of our pieces, this necklace was made with love by our amazing jewelry artists here in Athens, GA! Enjoy!

Much Love,


The Details:

11-12mm Freshwater Cultured Coin Pearls

Fixed and dropping on chain

Choose either Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold


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