Classic Double Strand Pearl Bracelet

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A double strand pearl bracelets, elegance at its finest. This double strand pearl bracelet is a statement unto itself. It offers an elegant display of medium (7mm) pearls with a sterling silver filigree clasp. Looks great paired with one of the classic necklaces or just worn alone. The pearls in this bracelet have a high luster and and drape elegantly on the wrist.

New York, New York

In 1989, at the ago of 12, I went to New York City. It was quite a trip for a young Georgia girl and quite a luxury too! My mom, sisters and I stayed in a fancy hotel and we took all of our nice clothes. We walked around the city and shopped and ate and at night we would eat the chocolate on our pillows and marvel in the luxury of our trip.

I realize people love New York City for many different reasons but I love it simply as a tourist. It is a big city – a place to go and be different and marvel at the wonders of tall buildings, packed streets and noise, lots of noise. I always feel special in New York, like I am on a big adventure and magic is just waiting to happen.


On this trip, in the summer of 1989 we celebrated my mamma’s 43rd birthday. She treated us to tickets to see Phantom of The Opera. We were so excited. She had paid extra so we would have great seats. We wore our finest clothes and we all, of course, wore our pearls.

As we waited in the audience peering at the broken chandelier laying on the stage, my mom reached over to squeeze my hand in excitement. I remember her strong fingers and the double strand pearl bracelet that lay on her wrist. The dim lights reflected off the luster of her pearls. I thought her bracelet was glowing from our shared excitement. She was the classiest, most beautiful woman in the world that night in New York City.

My sisters and I still talk about that great trip. And I still think a double strand pearl bracelet carries an incomparable elegance … the elegance of indulgence, the elegance of celebration, the elegance of always having and being enough.

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I love the elegance of a double strand pearl bracelet but for a more casual look, I suggest our single strand bracelet.

Size Chart

*The trick to knowing your pearl bracelet size: measure your wrist and add an inch! A double strand bracelet always fits a bit tighter than a single strand bracelet of the same length.


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