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Smitty's Chicks on Pearls

Sun, Jan 10, 2016 | Pearl Blog

I love this story coming our way from Joanne ... Smitty's Chicks on Pearls ...


Joanne is coming to Athens tomorrow to meet up with her sister and her sister's two daughters at The Pearl Girls. She writes, "India, we spoke briefly on the phone yesterday but I did want to pass along the 'pearl' story." All the "girls" in Joanne's family refer to themselves as "chicks." It started with her sisters and moved on to include their daughters!
Joanne explains, "Four years ago our beloved Pop left us at 94 years of age. We had him a long long time and were so blessed with his love and devotion to his girls.
He loved and laughed and found joy in the simplest of things and taught us how to have fun, too!!
He was a barber for many many years and all of his clients called him "Smitty" so after Pop had passed and all of the chicks were together for our one of many weekend "events", we decided in honor of our Pop we would from then on call ourselves the 'Smitty Chicks'"
So, the Smitty Chicks took flight and they meet as often as they can get everybody together. They have collectively decided that their "thing" to celebrate is Pearls and Feathers.

I love it! Joanne explains, "So last year when my oldest sister and I discovered The Pearl Girls----that was just too good to pass up for our group." Joanne and her sister came to visit and spent the afternoon chatting with Patti Ann and trying on jewelry. And they are excited to do it again tomorrow. Watch out Athens, Smitty's Chicks are on their way! We can't wait to celebrate pearls and fun time with the chicks tomorrow. "So, tomorrow, we will descend upon The Pearls Girls and have so much more fun.
Thank you!!!!!!"

Thank you, Joanne! We can't wait to see you tomorrow, and meet more of the "chicks!"





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