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The Pearl Girls create all of our jewelry and designs at our shop in Athens, GA. We also have a huge reknot and repair department. People all over the world ship us their pearls and beaded jewelry to reknot, repair or create into a new design. Along with our passion for pearls, we are passionate about creating jobs right here in our home base in Athens, GA. We provide many perks to our staff including childcare for our hardworking mothers! Thank you for supporting us so we can continue supporting others. And thanks for sharing in our passion!

Reknot, Restring or Reinvent Your Jewelry

Tue, Feb 14, 2017 | Pearl Blog

I was writing my weekly email this morning and I got stuck on the phrase: reknot, restring or reinvent your jewelry. It feels like the three Rs of what The Pearl Girls ® do! Let me explain...

Reknot Restring or Reinvent Your Jewelry with The Pearl Girls - different claspHow many times have we received jewelry from a loved one that meant oh so much to us but yet didn't really fit our style? What to do? Usually, we let that beautiful piece of jewelry sit in our jewelry box until maybe we are around that person (a sweet aunt? devoted godmother? darling sister?) and we bring it out for a one day wear or showing. Right? And then there are the heirloom gifts... the beautiful jewelry gifts handed down from generation to generation that you truly appreciate (for the significance) but you do not really want to wear in public. We have all been there! Reknot Restring or Reinvent Your Jewelry with The Pearl Girls - reinvent your pearls

Well, what if you could reinvent that piece of jewelry into another piece... into a necklace that fits your style? We have taken classic strings of pearls and turned them into tin cup style necklaces, we have made necklaces into bracelets and bracelets into single pearl necklaces. Or any other combination you can think of! We have become masters at reinventing those heirloom or vintage jewelry pieces into something you can wear. And how awesome, right? You can now enjoy grandma's pearls but enjoy them in a way that fits your unique style! Excellent!

And we are not just talking about pearls... we can reinvent your jewelry even if it isn't pearls! We have worked with  jade, jet, coral, turquoise, glass and more... if you have beads, we can work with them. We now have a metal artist with us who can solder and set, too!

Reknot Restring or Reinvent Your Jewelry with The Pearl Girls - dirty knot pearl necklace

Maybe you love that classic strand exactly as it is, but it is broken or needs a new clasp. Sometimes, knotted pearl or beaded jewelry simply gets dirty and fresh silk cord is all you need to give it the pop it needs. This is where the reknot comes in. We can keep your beautiful necklace in the same exact style but with tighter, cleaner knots... that is the R in reknot!

Although most high quality pearl necklaces have knots (they protect the pearls AND keep things intact if the strand should break), sometimes you just do not need knots! When do you not need knots? Well, if the strand you have is not knotted and you want to keep the same "look", we will simply restring the piece! This is especially true of small pearls... sometimes they look great simply restrung, not knotted. We will do exactly what you prefer when it comes to your jewelry!

Your investment is your jewelry will be as follows: Knots cost $3 per inch of jewelry for pearls sized 7mm or larger. Knots cost $0.75 per knot for pearls sized 6mm or smaller. Restringing (without knots) costs $1.50 per inch. We can also add pearls, replace pearls in pins or rings, or clean your pearls.

Do you want to reknot, restring or reinvent your jewelry? Awesome! Simply ship the jewelry to us at The Pearl Girls, 548 Hawthorne Ave, Athens, GA 30606. Or, order a jewelry repair cute from us! We will ship you a box with packaging material and a return shipping label. The box is free but, if you decide to use it, please know we will charge you shipping after your jewelry is finished and shipped back to you! 



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