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Pirate Ship of Pearls

Wed, Jun 17, 2015 | Pearl Blog

Check out these pirate ship of pearls! British artist Ann Carrington created these two ships from old pearl jewelry she bought in markets and antique shops. She created designs based on the old Spanish galleons that were once warships and then were converted for trade. She titled one of the pirate ship pearls ‘Wo Wave City’ and the other ‘White Cloud City’.

The artist started with a metal frame fashioned as a galleon then slowly hung the jewelry from the frames. She also included bangles and pins, tiaras and brooches. And she has the ship floating on a massive pile of pearls which represent the sea. The artist told Bored Panda the sea is her favorite part! It is interesting that she created these ornate pieces with some unwanted or unworn pearl jewelry. They make for amazing creations!

Check out these amazing photos:

pirate ship of pearls pirate ships of pearls pirate ships of pearls pirate ships of pearls pirate ships of pearls pirate ships of pearls pirate ships of pearls pirate ships of pearls


Credit: Junk-Culture

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