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The Pearl Girls create all of our jewelry and designs at our shop in Athens, GA. We also have a huge reknot and repair department. People all over the world ship us their pearls and beaded jewelry to reknot, repair or create into a new design. Along with our passion for pearls, we are passionate about creating jobs right here in our home base in Athens, GA. We provide many perks to our staff including childcare for our hardworking mothers! Thank you for supporting us so we can continue supporting others. And thanks for sharing in our passion!

Pearls for Graduation Gifts

Thu, May 23, 2013 | Pearl Blog

Admit it, graduation is one of the most amazing times. From Kindergarten, 8th Grade, High School, College... even my husband is about to graduate from UGA with his Specialist Degree. I know he is MORE than excited!

It is a rite of passage, a time to celebrate, a wonderful memory, a mark of time well spent and hard fought for. Graduation is a meaningful time and worthy of a meaningful gift.

Now, when I graduated from high school, I bought my friends coolers which was about as meaningful as we got at the ages of 17 and 18. But, what did I wear to my graduation? Pearls! What did my friend's parents give them? Pearls. During this meaningful time, pearls are just a meaningful gift. This sounds oddly like an major sales pitch but as each of you know, I mean it! Pearls are an amazing, momentous gift for graduates. Why? Because like all of that time we devote to learn and grow, that will stay with us forever, pearls will stay with you forever too. They will grow with you. You will ALWAYS have the pearls you get for graduation. You may wear them on to college or from college out into the working world. Those pearls will take you to casual dinners, power lunches, from board meetings to hot dates... imagine the places you will go with you pearls! Which reminds me, I wrote a little something about that here...

When considering a nice, meaningful graduation gift, I hope you will think about The Pearl Girls and our amazing hand made jewelry rich with pearls from all over the world. You deserve it and so do your loved ones.

All the best,


* As always, our thanks to Michelle Ashe photography who is not only our wonderful photographer but is also a major supporter of (and believer in) The Pearl Girls. She always keeps some pieces on hand for women who show up to be photographed without (gasp!) their pearls! We always marvel at how wonderful these girls look in The Pearl Girls pearls!!

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