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The Pearl Girls create all of our jewelry and designs at our shop in Athens, GA. We also have a huge reknot and repair department. People all over the world ship us their pearls and beaded jewelry to reknot, repair or create into a new design. Along with our passion for pearls, we are passionate about creating jobs right here in our home base in Athens, GA. We provide many perks to our staff including childcare for our hardworking mothers! Thank you for supporting us so we can continue supporting others. And thanks for sharing in our passion!

My Mamma is Pearl

Sun, May 11, 2014 | Pearl Blog

My Mamma is Pearl. She was always pearl. I never heard the name "Mary" when I was growing up. In fact, I remember very clearly when I was 7 or 8 and I finally asked my mom what her real name was. I was shocked! I had never heard the name Mary, only Pearl!

The funny thing was, I was pearl too. The youngest of three sisters (with a brother thrown in the mix), I was Itsy-Bitsy Pearl. I believe this was rooted in my rank as the youngest child rather than a statement of my stature! Yes, my oldest sister was Little Pearl, my middle sister was Baby Pearl and I was Itsy-Bitsy Pearl. We were a family of pearls.

Last year I finally asked my Dad why we were all called Pearl. He responded, "Who, on finding one pearl of great value, went and sold all that he had and bought it." This quote from Matthew 13:46 inspired him to name his wife and his daughters Pearl since we each represented something of great value.

This Mother's Day I am reminded that my mamma is Pearl. She is my biggest supporter and the one I call on both good and bad days (so, yes, I call her everyday!) And as I sit here waiting for my own two precious pearls to wake up, I am reminded what a great value each of them are to me. My sweet four year old Jack and my two and a half year old Harry, they make each day exciting and fun. They are my pearls of great value, more so than all of the gorgeous pearls I get to work with daily.

To each of you with a pearl in your life, Happy Mother's Day! May we always appreciate what is truly valuable!


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