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Mermaids in Pearls

Tue, Aug 11, 2015 | Pearl Blog

If you follow The Pearl Girls on Facebook, you know I love to gush about Abby, our Head of Production. Well I have to gush a bit more about her birthday party!(Quick plug, Abby is now available Wednesday mornings, 9AM to 12PM for jewelry consultations! Call or stop by to chat with her!). She is an amazingly creative woman and quite a perfectionist which bodes well for our jewelry quality. She calls herself "The 50s housewife" with pride and she loves to cook, clean her house and care for her children. I love that Abby knows exactly who she is and what she loves to do! And I love that she has chosen to be a part of The Pearl Girls.

Abby is also a fan of Pinterest. I don't know if you follow the Pinterest boards but, again, what an amazing resource of creativity! There is a blog which jokingly says, "Saw it on Pinterest... Nailed It." And it shows some craft or recipe or something which looks so gorgeous and shiny on Pinterest but, once applied by the likes of the "rest" of us, it is a complete failure! The "nailed it" part is usually a total joke. Well, Abby truly does nail it every time. She is wonderfully creative and everything she does looks perfect. So, to brag on her a bit more, I wanted to share photos of her twin daughter and son's third birthday party. The theme was pirates and mermaids! And the mermaids, well, they were mermaids in pearls!

happy birthday chas and elle - the pearl girls


As a part of the party she made a jewelry making station for the young girls. Pearls and shells fit for the true little mermaids they are!

mermaid in pearls

Look at this mermaid in pearls! So cute!

mermaids in pearls2 copy

Isn't that precious?! And if that wasn't enough, the treats had pearls in them too!

mermaid in pearls for a party mermaid in pearls


I love Abby for so many reasons and I love the wonderful energy and creativity she brings to The Pearl Girls. And I love to see these little mermaids in pearls, too!

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