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Men and Mikimoto

Sun, Jan 17, 2016 | Pearl Blog

Men and Mikimoto

About six months ago, an old friend reached out to me out of the blue. I was excited, always willing to reconnect after the years and life circumstances has pulled me away from people I used to be so close to. So, we messaged back and forth until he finally asked me what I imagined had wanted to say from the beginning, "Have you ever heard of Mikimoto?" 


I thought it was funny. I am not sure anyone who deals in cultured pearls has ever not heard of Mikimoto. He is the man who perfected the art of cultured pearls and made natural pearls a thing of the past. Mikimoto is still a very popular brand name of pearls. “Of course,” I smiled, I had heard of Mikimoto. Then he went on to tell me he has a beautiful Mikimoto necklace he wanted to sell.

mikimoto pearls-men-and-mikimoto-the-pearl-girls-mikimoto-necklace

Long ago I adopted a policy of not buying pearls except for new pearls directly from the pearl farms or suppliers. I know there are beautiful antique pearls but I also know that I do not want to open that side of a business. I need to stick with what I know best about pearls! Anyway, the price tag on Mikimoto pearls is high. The pearls are beautiful, no doubt, but the name is huge and as we know, sometimes we have to pay big bucks for big names. I am sure he would have given me a “deal.” I am also sure, he did not buy those pearls for himself. Which kind of makes my smile grow bigger. He got left holding the Mikimoto pearl pouch!

mikimoto pearls-men-and-mikimoto-the-pearl-girls-mikimoto-necklace-pearl-pouch

I don't mean to be insensitive, I just smile because I have heard this story before. When men pay big buck for jewelry and it isn't enough to save the relationship.

One of The Pearl Girls photographers told me about how he spent his first semester of college loans on a strand of Mikimoto pearls. His girlfriend decided to keep them when she left him!

mikimoto pearls-men-and-mikimoto-the-pearl-mikimoto-clasp

Mikimoto pearls are a beautiful and expensive choice in cultured pearl jewelry. And men and Mikimoto mix well, especially among men who want to impress with their big names.

Of course, among the women, The Pearl Girls hold our own! Beautiful pearls, well made jewelry and a awesome women and family-centric business model. Check, check, check! Hey men, check us out, too!

With Fondess,


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