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Lula Loves Pearls

Tue, Feb 02, 2016 | Pearl Blog

I love this pearl story our friend Lena shared about her Aunt Lula!! It sounds like Lula loves pearls! 

"My mother wore pearls often for work and worship, and I wore them at my wedding back in 1966. But it was my Aunt Lula whose love of pearls created my own fascination and near obsession with pearls. Aunt Lula was a dark haired American Indian beauty whose simple but elegant style caused people to simply take notice of her and what she wore. And I was no exception. Whether dressed for her work as a teacher, a community volunteer, going out for an evening with her husband and friends, going to church, shopping for groceries or relaxing at home with her children, Aunt Lula was always dressed in a way that made me think of the word "classy. " Nothing fancy and frilly. Just simple and and all put together. And she wore pearls often. Her pearls were not huge, but rather medium sized with a luster that faintly glowed much the same as when her face lit with a smile. I was in college when I visited her one afternoon when she just come home from the gym. Still in her velour exercise clothes, I was stunned to see that she had on a short string of pearls. "Aunt Lula," I exclaimed. "Did you wear your pearls while you exercised?" A gorgeous smile preceded her reply. "0f course. Pearls go with everything. And if you have pearls, they are to be worn." She had no idea how her statement lingered and how her example influenced me till years later. But the truth is that it was then that I became a Pearl Girl. Through many decades I have loved and worn pearls to many different kinds of events but the one that always creates the most comments are my pearls on the tennis courts. I always say that my Aunt Lula said pearls go with anything and then I smile."

Thanks for sharing your pearl story!!

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