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The Pearl Girls create all of our jewelry and designs at our shop in Athens, GA. We also have a huge reknot and repair department. People all over the world ship us their pearls and beaded jewelry to reknot, repair or create into a new design. Along with our passion for pearls, we are passionate about creating jobs right here in our home base in Athens, GA. We provide many perks to our staff including childcare for our hardworking mothers! Thank you for supporting us so we can continue supporting others. And thanks for sharing in our passion!

India on the Radio, Talking About Pearls!

Tue, Aug 25, 2015 | Pearl Blog

That's right, I was invited to be a guest on a radio show and I did my thing.... talking about pearls. My neighbor, the popular  former-mayor Gwen O'Looney invited me to "Lunch with Gwen" an hour long program featuring local Athenians. So, I met her at The Light studio and we had a ball talking about pearls!

Talking About Pearls on The Light in Athens

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Gwen has traveled through Vietnam and bought pearls from street vendors there. Although we do not source The Pearl Girls pearls from Vietnam, I have traveled there and am well aware of the vendors there who sell their pearl wares street-side until well into the night. These savvy women actually take a lighter and attempt to burn their pearl strands to prove their pearls are real and not plastic. They are quite the sales women!

I loved getting a chance to tell Gwen and her listeners about The Pearl Girls and my own pearl travels. As ya'll know, I love talking about pearls! My travels take me through China, Japan, The Philippines, Australia and French Polynesia. And next year I am adding Mexico to my list! There are many incredibly small communities throughout the world whose economy is directly tied to pearls. many times, these are just small fishing villages. It is a fascinating journey!

Plus the journey of building The Pearl Girls is really growing. We are bringing on more and more amazing women to add to our greatness!

Unfortunately, Gwen does not record her radio shows so I can't give you the full transcript! But, it was another fun moment is my pearl-rich life!

UPDATE September 2nd: The local Flagpole newspaper featured Gwen on the cover in honor of the launch of UGA football season. She is carrying a football and covered in pearls. This makes me smile! Gwen O'Looney is definitely a Pearl Girl!

Talking About Pearls - We find out Gwen in a true fan of pearls


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