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How to Reuse that One Stud Earring

Thu, Nov 19, 2015 | Pearl Blog

Lost a pearl stud earring? What a bummer! We have customers that come to us all the time with that one pearl earring. They usually buy another pair of earrings and plan on having a spare, just in case! Because, really, how could someone reuse one stud earring? Somewhere, somehow, the matching earring was misplaced or fell out or something unknown happened to it. Unless you have multiple holes in one ear, one stud earring just isn't going to serve you well in life.

one stud earring - what to do when you lose an earring - How to Reuse that One Stud Earring

I will say one morning I accidentally started putting in one pair of earrings and then accidentally started putting another pair in the opposite ear. I stared at myself for a while in the mirror wondering if I could actually pull it off. And I quickly decided to default to the matching pair. I am not that edgy (yet!).

Well, here is an option of how to reuse that one stud earring! I have a customer, we will call her Kay, whose husband gifted her  with a pair of pearl earrings on their wedding day. Awesome, right? Well, she adored her earrings until she lost one. She searched and searched and never found it. Then, a month or so ago, we launched our new Pearl Rings. And she had the bright idea of how she could use that one precious pearl and continue to enjoy it!

the pearl girls rings

Voila, and that is how to use that one stud earring! The same thing has happened to me. I honestly think that owning a pearl jewelry company should disqualify me from the subtle hassles like losing earrings but, it happened! When I was off on a pearl buying trip in French Polynesia, I treated myself to a pair of Tahitian black pearl stud earrings. I loved those earrings as far as the airport ride home when I lost one on the plane (in the shuttle? in the bathroom? baggage claim or who knows where else?). I have held onto that earring, a sweet moment of my trip, for a while. I wondered if I should poke another hole in my ear just so I could enjoy it again.

By the way, if you have not heard my tales of black pearls, let me tell you I love them and the beautiful waters they come from. And I love, more than anything, that men in French Polynesia love wearing them! It is so awesome to see men in pearls! Back to my story...

Using Kay's advise, I proudly asked our resident metal artist, Sylvia, to create a ring using my one Tahitian pearl from my one Tahitian stud. And here it is...

Tahitian pearl ring by the pearl girls - How to Reuse that One Stud Earring

Now I enjoy my Tahitian pearl again! And I have added that as an option to our Pearl Rings! You can now mail us your pearl to use in your ring. Pretty awesome!

Thanks for tuning in, Pearl Girls!


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